Friday Five

Friday Five

1 – Flippin’ Store!

It was a busy couple of days and the store was a complete mess while we were sliding all the furniture around but it looks amazing when it’s done! Check out how our rug wall turned out!

2 – Bench Please

We love this vintage Moroccan rug bench that we found at market!


3 – Halloween fun

We like to use our creative energy to make more then vivid spaces. Gina is dressing up as a French Kiss for Halloween, imagine KISS crossed with a stereotypical French outfit. Natalie is going as a glow in the dark stick figure and will be on a night run in this costume!

4 – It’s chilli out!

This weekend is our neighborhood chilli cook-off! It’s always fun to try everyone’s respire and to step up your chilli game!

5 – Llama time

Even though its pouring down rain right now, Natalie is going camping on a Llama farm this weekend! Because why not! Check back to hear all about it!