Vivid Interiors is a fresh, fun interior design firm located in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina.

We are an eclectic mix of polished prepster with a little bit of funky quirk (think Wes Anderson films).

We’re dedicated listeners with a discernible ear and eye for your style.

As principal designers of Vivid Interiors, Laura Mensch and Gina Hicks work independently and together to extract and deliver the most accurate interpretation of your vision.


We believe:

  • That a space should not only reflect the personality and characteristics of its inhabitants, but should also reveal tiny glimpses of their innermost souls.
  • That the first rule of design is that the design rules are meant to be bent, warped, and broken.
  • In taking risks—that is where the talent and magic happens. That is our gift.
  • That the ideal clients are not always the ones with the biggest budgets, but the ones that trust our vision to make their house into a comfortable, functional and beautiful space to live.


If you are looking to achieve a strong and clear impression in your space, then give us a call. Life is too short to be ho hum. Live it up, live Vivid!

Principal / Owner

As a child growing up in the mountains of West Virginia Laura was always playing outside, building tree houses & drawing floor plans on the street with colored chalk. In the 8th grade the head of the interior design department for Carleton Varney School of Art & Design did a presentation for her class, she was hooked. After convincing/blackmailing her parents into letting her go to the University of Charleston to study Interior Design & Art, Laura found her groove. She soon went to work for a design firm designing retail stores and showrooms all over the country. After moving to NC and starting a family Laura freelanced. While working at the Guilford Building on the 4th floor, she would look out and dream of a store front studio in downtown Greensboro. “If we were on the street with a store front people would know Who we are and What we do.”

After years of hard work , raising 2 small children & finding the most amAzing partner who had the perfect mix of CRAZY/BRAVE she has made a dream into reality

Laura’s self described style is Modern, Organic, with Painterly Mix of Color.

When she is not designing at Vivid you can find her hanging out with her family and friends, somewhere outside enjoying a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, reading a book or if she is really lucky out on her “treehouse” like screened in porch with a paint brush in hand.

Natalie Johnson
Interior Designer

Natalie Johnson has wanted to be a designer since age 6. As a kid, she wanted to design spaces inside and out; from curbside appearance to the monogram on the hand towels. As she got older and learned about the dozens of jobs that her dream encompassed, she set her sights on being an Interior Designer.

When Natalie set off to pick a college she wanted to learn about as many career paths that an Interior Designer could follow. Which led her to study Interior Architecture at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

After graduating in 2015, while taking a stroll downtown she found Vivid Interiors. On what felt like a crazy surge of boldness Natalie walked in and asked Gina if they needed and Intern, and to her surprise they did. After a few weeks Natalie left to try her hand at product development.

Nine months later, Natalie realized how much she enjoyed working with clients and returned to Vivid Interiors. In the following weeks Natalie’s passion for design and enthusiasm to work, led Laura and Gina to make her their first hire!

Principal / Owner

Gina comes to the interior design world by a long and winding path. As a young girl sitting with her JC Penney and Spiegel Catalogs, Gina always played designer; dog-earing pages of home décor items dreaming of re-vamping her childhood room. After double-majoring in French and Communications at UNC Chapel Hill, Gina stayed home to raise her three children. The need for additional space in her home lead Gina to take her roof off her house, raise it, and double the size of her home. The process was exhilarating and Gina finally knew what she wanted to be when she grew up! A fast-track interior design program and a few years later, Gina found herself as a partner in Vivid Interiors.

Gina’s self-described style is edgy eclectic. When she's not at Vivid designing amazing spaces for people, you can find her working in the garden, hanging with her family and chickens or finding any excuse for an impromptu dance party!