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Design Trend Wednesday: Gems and Geodes Accents

Gems and Geodes Accents add a little sparkle, pizzazz, and just a touch of magic to bring a space together. They make a wonderful accent piece, statement piece or center piece, which is why they are so easy to place perfectly around your homes. You don’t have to necessarily go with physical crystals but you can even use it as a print like we did with accent pillows.

gems 2 gems 1

Design Trend Wednesday: Large Scale Lighting

Go for over scale light fixtures especially in the dining room. They act as a focal point and ground the space at the same time. Toying with scale is a great way to add visual interest and draw attention away from negative elements, especially in a smaller space. To keep the look from becoming extreme, choose simple forms and designs.

formal dining 1

large light 1

Design Trend Wednesday: Metallic Accents

The right metallic touch can add warm sophistication and ageless appeal to a space. Metallic Accents are all the rage at the moment, from shiny gold metal shelving to silver floor lamps to eccentric bronze end tables. Metallic accents are a great way to add a bit of glam and spice, and are great attention drawers and conversation starters. Right now we’re really into gold!

gold 2

gold 1

Design Trend Wednesday: Mixing Prints

Mixing Prints is always in, you just have to know how to put it together without it looking too busy; and here at Vivid we have it down to a science. The key to victoriously mixing prints is to vary the scale of the patterns of your prints from small to large and anywhere in between.

prints 2

prints 1

Design Trend Wednesday: Marble Accents

The Marble Accents trend is all about small touches, a little bit here and there. You can even do faux marble so you don’t have to break the bank. But who can resist a nice marble table top! Stop By Vivid today so we can help you pick out a few marble pieces of your own.

marble 1w

marble 2w