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Vivid Interiors is a fresh new interior design firm located in downtown Greensboro NC. We are an eclectic mix of polished prepster with a little bit of funky quirk (think Wes Anderson in film). We’re dedicated listeners with a discernible ear and eye for your style.

As principal designers of Vivid Interiors, Laura Mensch and Gina Hicks work independently and together to extract and deliver the most accurate interpretation of your vision.

We believe that a space should not only reflect the personality and characteristics of its inhabitants, but it should also reveal tiny glimpses of their innermost souls.

We believe that the first rule of design is that the design rules are meant to be bent, warped and broken.

We believe that a space should either be comfortable, interesting or beautiful, and when we are able to achieve all three, it’s the most delicious design cocktail ever- like this mango jalapeno margarita!.

If you are looking to achieve a strong and clear impression in your space, then we are your go-to crew. Life is too short to be ho hum. Live it up, live Vivid!

For more information, email vivid@vivid-interiors or call 336-265-8628

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